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Gal Sabo is a choreographer and movement director based in Tel Aviv. She has a BA in Dance-Theater from Seminar-HaKibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, a MA in Choreography from the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, and a MA in Gender Studies from Tel Aviv University.

Her work intricately weaves together themes of gender and equality, blending text and movement to create profound narratives.

In 2022, Gal's production "Triptych Men" was honored at the Reykjavik Fringe Festival, where it received the Outstanding Performance Award, highlighting the exceptional quality of her work. The same piece also earned the Artist Favorite Award, reflecting her ability to resonate deeply with both audiences and fellow artists. Earlier, in 2020, she received the Artist Choice Award for both "Triptych Women" and "Triptych Men" at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival. "Triptych Women" was part of the Edinburgh Festival in 2018 and waslonglisted for the 'Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award,'.


Her most recent production, "Postcards," is a captivating performance inspired by stories of women from across the globe, shared with her through postcards. This innovative show weaves together these diverse narratives, creating a rich tapestry of experiences that illuminate the female perspective.

In 2019, Gal Sabo, in collaboration with director Sagi Tal, translated and directed "Meet Me at Dawn" by Zinnie Harris. This heartfelt play explores themes of love and grief.

Gal works as a movement director. Her work includes "The son of the great Moshiko" directed by Irad Rubinstein at Kameri Theater, Tel Aviv, (2023), “Trampoline” directed by Ella Nikolayevsky at the Kameri Theater, Tel Aviv (2022), "The Victory is Unimportant," directed by Yael Tal at The Incubator Theater (2020),"Puz Book of Records" for the Haifa International Festival (2019), directed by Keren Hovav. In 2018, she was awarded Best Movement Director at the Haifa International Festival for her work on "The Girl and the Craws," directed by Ella Tamari and Amit Apte. Other notable projects include "Zero Point Zero Degrees," directed by Daniel Mendelson at Tmuna Theater (2016), "Boesman and Lena," directed by Dana Standal (2017), and "Napoleon, Dead or Alive," directed by Oded Or (2016), among others. 

Photograph: Oren Manzura
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