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Gal Sabo is a Tel Aviv based Choreographer and Movement Director.

Born in Jerusalem in 1989, she studied Dance-Theater in Seminar-HaKibbutzim College in Tel-Aviv (B.Ed.), Choreography in the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance (M.A.) and Gender Studies in Tel Aviv University (M.A.).


Among her works: Triptych Women (2018, Tmuna, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lathi Fringe Festival, Gothenburg Fringe Festival - Winner of the Artists Choice Award), Meet Me At Dawn (2019, Tzavta, Fringe Beer Sheva), Triptych Men (2021, Tmuna, Lathi Fringe Festival, Gothenburg Fringe Festival - Winner of the Artists Choice Award). Winner of best Movement Director for her work in The Tale of the girl and the craws (2018, Haifa international Festival).

Gal danced in the works of Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Galia Fradkin, Tami Leibovich and more.

As well as her choreography and movement direction for theater Gal also teaches Drama and Dance composition.

Photograph: Oren Manzura
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